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The Annual Reunion

2018 Reunion – held on Saturday 30th June 2018

This year’s Reunion took place on a very hot and sunny afternoon and we had the pleasure of welcoming former Headmistress, Mrs Angela Storey and her husband Edward Storey, and also former Deputy Headmistress, Miss Pauline Facy, back to the School. The Class of 2013 were our special guests and the Class of 1976 came together to celebrate their 60th birthdays.  Several members of the Class of 2008 made a special visit as well as Class of 2000.

Following lots of memory-filled tours of the School, afternoon teas and Pimms, prepared by Zana Clark and Liz Darley, were served in the Refectory.

Some of the memories of Reunion guests...

Sheila Hardy (1954)

  • Skating on the frozen fields across the road in the early 1950’s
  • Mrs Belgion and Miss Knee

Diana Turnbull (Wood) (1955)

  • The swing under the Cedar tree
  • Singing hymns very loudly in prayers
  • Ringing the bell!
  • Ice skating in Thorpe Park on frozen meadows during Winter 1947
  • Miss Knee and Miss Flecknow

Hazel Cuthbertson (1966)

  • Eating currant buns under the Monkey Puzzle tree
  • Chocolate crunch at lunch time
  • Miss Pitman for history

Rosey Dansey (1966)

  • Friends I made
  • School cruises
  • Monkey Puzzle tree
  • Ice buns

Gillian Palgrave (1973)

  • Visiting the Flint mines in Norfolk called Grimes Graves
  • Visiting Fishbourne
  • School cruises to Holy Land and Mediterranean in the summer

Anne Peel (Hurn) (1973)

  • School grounds
  • Going on a trip to Grimes Graves
  • Trip to Fishbourne
  • Mrs Smelt

Susan Royal (1975)

  • Chocolate crunch
  • Hot rolls Friends
  • End of term

Gillian Balderston (1976)

  • Chocolate crunch
  • Bananas
  • Hot bread rolls on
  • Sundays
  • Weekends when I was going home!
  • Mrs Bradley

Lucy Brown (1976)

  • Chocolate crunch
  • Ha-ha
  • Going to Wimbledon
  • Went to Wembley to see hockey
  • Mrs Jackson and Mrs Bradley

Stephanie Bruggemann (Spalding) (1976)

  • Hockey team (unbeaten!)
  • Chocolate crunch
  • Boarding House dorms
  • Sports day
  • Miss Williams

Carol Ann Crook (Rushford) (1976)

  • Iced buns after Sports Day under the Money Puzzle tree
  • Wimbledon trips in uniform!
  • Godspell/Jesus Christ Superstar/trips to West End
  • Mrs Foster, Mrs Jackson, Mrs Reilly and Miss Scott

Priscilla Folley (1976)

  • Monkey Puzzle tree
  • Ha-ha
  • Chocolate crunch
  • Going to Wimbledon and Wembley
  • The boarding house
  • Mrs Jackson

Philippa Gasson (Halford) (1976)

  • Cooking in home economics
  • Biology field trip to North Wales
  • Wimbledon
  • London theatre trip
  • Mrs Bradley

Rebecca Louwerse (1976)

  • Sports Days and iced buns
  • Monkey puzzle tree
  • Ha-ha
  • Wimbledon
  • Chocolate crunch
  • Mrs Riley

Alison Withers (1987)

  • Miss Facy dropping a glass Speech Day award and me ‘borrowing’ a temporary replacement from Mrs Storey’s study!
  • Writing a song in rhyme ‘Ode to Angie Brown’ for teachers fashion show.
  • Cooking competition
  • Miss Facy and Mrs Wilkinson

Louise Flückiger-Curzon (1990)

  • Drama and plays
  • Music and poetry evenings
  • Mrs Mayhew, Mrs Storey and Mrs Smith

Kirsten Baker (1993)

  • Midnight feasts
  • Miss Ellis

Katie Ford (West) (1993)

  • Friends
  • Spending time in the art block
  • Spending time in the dorm after school
  • Mr Porter

Fay Jefferies (Shepherd) (1995)

  • Christmas Carol Services
  • Sitting on the back pitch at lunchtimes with friends
  • Back stage at school plays
  • Mrs Willey, Miss Facy and Miss Wildman

Emily Searle (Thompson) (1995)

  • Christmas Carol Service
  • Friendships with pupils
  • Miss Facy, Mrs Moseley and Miss Mayle

Clare Kilday (1999)

  • Music lessons with Mr Vessey (always a laugh)
  • Becoming a Sixth Former
  • Going through the ‘black door'
  • Mr Coleman and Mr Vessey

Isobel Willoughby (Summers) (2003)

  • Performing in Mr Coleman’s plays
  • Mr Vessey’s terrible jokes and even worse ties!
  • Lessons with Mrs Butter, Mrs See, Mrs Beardshaw and Mrs Beresford
  • Piano with Miss Wood

Georgina Wilson (2006)

  • Playing rounders on the front pitch
  • Appeals Day
  • Mr Hodges

Gemima Mackney (2008)

  • Life in the Common room
  • Art with Mr Harwin
  • Making so many friends


Elise Nolan (2010)

  • Having Mr King as form tutor for two years in a row
  • Alex Julian’s excuses for being late in the sign-in book at Reception
  • Mr King

Bethany Cameron (2013)

  • Buns
  • School musicals
  • Sports tour to Barbados
  • Mr King, Mrs Ward and Mrs Davis

Micheala Drazek (2013)

  • Buns and lunch, especially Chinese
  • Christmas carol service
  • Choir with Mr Stafford and Mrs Reid
  • Mr King, Miss Mayle and Mrs Grinyer

Mohammed Virji (2013)

  • Chemistry and maths lessons
  • Playing football
  • Watching Jeremy Kyle!
  • Toast and cakes
  • ISC
  • nace
  • woodard
  • heads
  • plp