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Sixth Form Scholarships

We offer two types of scholarship to pupils entering the Sixth Form. Both routes are potentially available to new joiners and to Year 11 pupils currently attending The Peterborough School. Applicants for Sixth Form Scholarships will be assessed by academic reference, GCSE predictions, and an interview with the Headmaster, Mr Meadows and the Director of Sixth Form, Mr Stroud. Scholarships will be awarded to those pupils who demonstrate outstanding academic potential for success at A Level and beyond.

Sixth Form Academic Scholarships
The value of these scholarships is in the range 10% to 30%, depending on demand and academic potential. Students already in receipt of scholarships from The Peterborough School may apply for Sixth Form Scholarships, but any combination of scholarship awards may not exceed a total of 50% fee remission. There is no means tested element to these scholarships.

Sixth Form 125 Scholarships
Last year, the School celebrated its 125 anniversary and we are delighted to be able to continue to offer our 125 Scholarships to mark this milestone. 125 Scholarships include a means test, which, depending on the strength of the application and a financial assessment, may reduce fees by up to 100%. This provides an opportunity for students to study in the Sixth Form, who would otherwise not be able to because of affordability.

To Apply for a Scholarship

Parents firstly need to register the student. For current and registered students, parents need to complete and return the Scholarship Application Form by Monday 21st November 2022

Additional Scholarship application forms can be requested from the Registrar.


We encourage all parents who anticipate difficulties in meeting the cost of the tuition fees, to apply for a means-tested bursary when they register their child, or when their child is in Year 11. The details of these are provided in the Admissions section of the School website.

Scholarships and bursaries are held on conditions of academic progress, good behaviour and the pupil continuing at the School until the Upper Sixth year has been completed. Early withdrawal of a pupil from School will result in recovery of the whole scholarship awarded.

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