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Chicago Production

Chicago Production

Chicago rocks The Peterborough School!

After a year off from directing the annual School musical, Mrs Shang came back with a bang, ably assisted by Mrs Brookes, Mrs Hopwood, and Madame Potbury, not forgetting the whole music department led by Mr Brain. What was really impressive, though, was the quality of the performances of all the students, whether in the ensemble or as a lead character.
There were some amazing standout performances by first -time young performers Charlie Whitty and Milo Deem in Year 9, leaving members of the audience aghast at just how young they were! Mr Brain was heard to comment that Emma Clay sung ‘Funny Honey’, Roxie’s openingsong, even better than Renee Zellweger in the film version.

Harriet Miller, Upper Sixth, in her final production at the school saved her best performance for last with excellent singing, dancing and acting, wowing the audience with a new side of her we’d never seen before. It was also the last performance for Caitlin Wilkinson, as the sweet naïve Mary Sunshine and Isobel Liddle as the sultry, powerful Mama Morton. It was certainly different from the Head Girl we thought we knew! The set was professional and intimate, immersing the audience in the performance. The Props department had outdone themselves by making excellent cameras amongst other things, and the excellently efficient backstage crew assisted the show in running slickly. Special mention to India Matthews, who was said to even boss Mrs Hopwood and Mrs Brookes around. We can’t wait to see what the show will be next time and will anyone be doing the splits in that? Whatever it is, this will be a hard act to follow, and we hope for another sell-out.
- Sophia Oliver

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