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Sociology will be a new A Level subject on offer from September 2019.  This subject explores society and the interaction between institutions and individuals.  Students will study research in areas such as culture, socialisation, youth sub-cultures, globalisation and the digital world, crime and deviance and social inequality.

What's the difference between Sociology and Psychology?

Psychologists study individuals and Sociologists study groups.  For example, sociology looks at why marriage rates are very low generally or why women are twice as likely as men to instigate divorce, whereas psychologists look at the pheromones and hormones that alter in your brain when you fall in love. Sociology does not contain the significant scientific element which psychology does.

Who's it for?

Success in this subject will be enhanced for those who have a genuine interest in the world around them and the way it operates.

Do you analyse people and their behaviour or like to see two sides of an argument?  Are you interested in why men are more criminal than women?  Why some people are so rich and others so poor? If so, then Sociology may be the subject for you. It is an independent reading and essay based subject, with a lot of discussion of ideas.