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Mathematics and Further Mathematics

Mathematics and Further Mathematics

The Mathematics Department is housed in four dedicated rooms which are each equipped with interactive smart boards and located in the Mathematics and Science building.  We also have our own room in the Sixth Form Teaching area.  

Mathematics is a very popular subject in the Sixth Form; typically around half of Year 11 students elect to study Mathematics beyond the GCSE.  Pupils follow the Edexcel course with modules in pure mathematics and statistics and mechanics.

Pure Mathematics extends knowledge in algebra and trigonometry as well as introducing new topics such as calculus. It represents two thirds of the A Level Course.

Mechanics deals with turning a complicated physical problem into a simpler one that can be analysed and solved using mathematical methods. Statistics deals withthe analysis of numerica data and extends the work covered for GCSE.

Lesson time is supported by homework, online support and extension materials, lectures and visits and the opportunity to enter the UK Senior Mathematics Challenge.

Exceptional mathematicians might like to consider Further Mathematics, a full second A Level of longer, more demanding questions.  The Further Mathematics course includes additional pure topics, further mechanics and decision mathematics.  It is not for the faint-hearted, but offers the real enthusiast the chance to explore some advanced and diverting material.